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Kennel Requirements



  • For the safety of your pets, other boarding animals, customers, and staff, please secure your pets on a leash or in a carrier when bringing them into our facility and upon departure.

  • For the safety of all pets, we will only accept healthy pets not exhibiting signs or symptoms of an illness.

  • Any pets arriving with fleas or ticks will be immediately given a Flea & Tick bath at the owner's expense.



Certificate of Veterinarian Inspection (CVI)

SHREWSBURY FACILITY ONLY - EFFECTIVE 1/20/2024 - New PA law requires ALL dogs from out-of-state to have a Certificate of Veterinarian Inspection (CVI) 60 days before boarding. If you do not live in Pennsylvania and plan on boarding at our Shrewsbury facility, please click the following link for more information before committing to the reservation.    CVI Information



Please be prepared to furnish us with verification of vaccinations. We encourage your pets to receive their vaccinations at least two weeks in advance. Pets are required to be current on the following inoculations in order to board with us:




Distemper / Parvo








It is the owner's responsibility to ensure that Country Comfort Kennels is supplied with updated vaccination records for each pet. Please be aware that there is a $5.00 surcharge if we must call your veterinarian for verification of vaccinations. Please bring your records upon arrival or expedite your check-in time by having them emailed or faxed to us.





If your pet needs medication, please package each type of medication in its own baggie & label each with:

  • Your pet's name

  • The name of the medication

  • The dosage

  • Administering instructions


There is a $1 charge for up to 3 different oral medications in each administration period (am, noon, pm, etc.). Each additional medication is $1 per administration period.  All non-oral medications are $3 per administration period. After hours medications may be administered for a fee. 

We are unable to accommodate pets in need of injections during their stay with us.  We're sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause.

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