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Dog Boarding

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We offer a variety of spacious runs for our canine boarders in a climate-controlled environment.  Our runs are large enough to accommodate multiple pets within the same family. 


  • Indoor Runs - All facilities are heated/air-conditioned and have spacious Indoor only accommodations with standard amenities provided. Transfers to their personal outside exercise yards included.

  • Patio Terrace - A spacious heated and air-conditioned run with a door to your pet's very own outside terrace patio. Doors are left open so your pet can enjoy the outside at their own leisure throughout the day. Standard amenities are provided.


  • Luxury Suite - Treat your pet like a VIP with our large, quiet, indoor room designed to provide the comforts of home. Standard amenities are provided along with premium amenities such as flat-screen TVs (temporarily out of service) playing animal videos and music. One activity is also included.



We've found that most dogs transition into boarding better by continuing them on their normal diet. Therefore, we encourage you to bring your own food. We ask that you provide only the appropriate amount of his/her food in pre-packaged bags along with detailed feeding instructions.


We have a kitchen fully equipped with a refrigerator, freezer, and microwave for serving specially prepared meals from home. 


You may choose to have us feed your pet from our pantry for a small charge of $0.50 each feeding. We are always more than happy to feed your pet according to your instructions.

Standard Amenities


  • All accommodations are heated / air conditioned and include the following:

    • Daily room service

      • Fresh Soft Bedding

      • Fresh Water

      • Serving Meals

      • Treats

      • Toys

    • Outdoor Potty Visits

    • Pleasant & Relaxing Music

    • Lots of Extra Love & Attention!

  • All facilities have emergency back up generators

Other Info


  • A deposit of 25% of the total boarding charges, subject to forfeiture, is required to review and accept your reservation. Please Click Here for further information regarding CCK's Deposit and Cancelation Policy

  • Unlike many other boarding facilities, CCK allows your pets to be picked up or dropped off anytime during our Boarding hours. Charges begin the day your pet arrives. If your pet is picked up before 12:00 pm on the day of departure, no Boarding charge will be incurred for that final day.

  • Not all types of accommodations may be available at all locations.

  • We will gladly administer medications for an additional fee. Please see our Medication Policy.

  • Licensed and fully insured.

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