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  • What is your cancellation policy and deposit refund policy?
    -Deposits of 25% of the total estimated Boarding charges including services and any additional anticipated charges will be required for all boarding reservations. Reservations will not be reviewed and accepted until deposits are paid in full. Deposit emails and text messages are automatically generated until the deposit is collected in full or the reservation is canceled. -Reservation requests that are left pending with no deposit collected for more than 48 hours will automatically be canceled. -Deposits are fully refundable up to 2 weeks before the start date of the reservation or within 48 hours of the deposit being collected. Accepted reservations with a deposit canceled within 2 weeks of the reservation start date will automatically forfeit 100% of their deposit and will not be refunded. Reservation requests made within 2 weeks of the reservation start date must pay a deposit and will have no chance of the deposit being refunded if accepted. -If a reservation is rejected due to no capacity, the client will be waitlisted and may have their deposit fully refunded or can have their deposit remain on account to retain and secure their reservation request's position on the Waitlist. -Waitlisted reservations with a secured deposit will be entitled to a full refund of their deposit anytime they notify us of their cancellation prior to it being accepted or if the reservation was cancelled due to the start date passing and still no vacancies. When a client elects to be wait-listed, they do so with the understanding that they are providing explicit consent for CCK to accept their reservation anytime as soon as a comparable accommodation is available. -Wait-listed reservations who are notified of now having their reservation accepted will be considered an ACCEPTED reservation and will be subject to the normal cancellation policy for all accepted reservations. -Depending on availability, an extension of start and end dates is allowed for up to 2 days' adjustment of the beginning or end of the reservation after your reservation has been accepted without any change to the reservation's deposit status. Accepted reservations needing adjustments greater than 2-4 days may be required to pay an additional deposit for the extension. Extensions may not be granted depending on the facility's vacancies. Please contact the facility if you have any further questions regarding the CCK Deposit and Cancellation policy before committing your money to the deposit.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    - We accept Cash, Travelers Checks, VISA, Discover and Mastercard. - We DO NOT accept Personal Checks or American Express.
  • What is Canine Cough?
    Bordetella bronchiseptica is a bacterium that is associated with respiratory disease in dogs. It is one of the components of the canine infectious respiratory complex, sometimes referred to as canine cough, upper respiratory infection, or infectious tracheobronchitis. It is a contagious airborne Upper Respiratory Illness.
  • How does CCK mitigate the risk of exposure to Canine Cough?
    In the boarding environment, we do everything possible to mitigate the risk of upper respiratory illness, including but not limited to the following: Disinfecting all of our enclosures daily using hospital grade disinfectant, air filtration systems that use Ultraviolet light to purify the air, staff members sanitizing between each pet they handle, and sanitation of all bowls, bedding, and toys. We also screen all pets at arrival and turn away any pets that would show signs of respiratory illness. Dogs may also host the virus without exhibiting signs or symptoms. This can make it extremely challenging to prevent cases of canine cough spreading in our facility. You are boarding at your own risk of exposing your pet anytime your pet boards. Although Country Comfort Kennels does require all pets to have received the Bordetella vaccination before boarding at our facilities, just like the human influenza vaccine doesn't protect against all influenza strains, the Bordetella vaccine isn't able to cover all the different strains of Canine Upper Respiratory Infection.
  • What if my dog contracts canine cough?
    If a pet exhibits symptoms while boarding, it will be necessary for Country Comfort Kennels to seek treatment from a local veterinarian at the owner's expense. This includes all charges incurred from the vet visit plus a $50 an hour Transportation/Liaison charge from Country Comfort Kennels. We strongly recommend you contact your vet if your pet exhibits symptoms after boarding.
  • Can we drop pets off early / pick up late?
    - We encourage all pickup / dropoffs to be during normal hours. In certain circumstances, before or after hours services may be arranged for an additional fee.
  • What are the terms and conditions for Boarding?
    - Please Click Here to see our Boarding Agreement you will sign each time you board.
  • What are the Terms and Conditions for Day Care?
    - Please Click Here to see our Day Care Agreement you sign when you purchase a Day Care Pass.
  • What Vaccination and Immunizations does Country Comfort Kennels Require from their visitors?
    - We require all dogs to be current on the following vaccinations for all services. - If you need to update your pet's vaccinations, we recommend doing so two weeks prior to arrival. We suggest that the bordatella vaccinations be administered annually and no later than 2 weeks prior to arrival. - Rabies - DHLPP/DHPP - Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis (Not Required), Parainfluenza, Parvovirus - Bordetella - Canine Cough - We require all cats to be current on the following vaccinations for all services - Rabies - FVRCP - (Feline Distemper) Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia - Please see more details on the Requirements page H3N2/H3N8 - These series of Canine Influenza vaccinations are not required but strongly recommended. Please confer with your veterinarian.
  • What if my vet will not give my pet any of the required vaccinations due to age or allergic reactions?
    - With the exception of rabies, If your pet is unable to receive any of the other required vaccinations, a letter from your vet stating why they cannot receive the vaccination must be provided. In the case of rabies, a Titer Test will need to be conducted to prove immunity to the potential risks of the viruses.
  • My pet is too young to receive all the required vaccinations. Can they still board at the facilities?
    - We are always happy to accept puppies and kittens as long as they are more than 8 weeks of age. Please note that they may be housed separately from other pets and will not be able to participate in Group Play activities.
  • My pet takes prescription medications. Can Country Comfort Kennels accommodate my pet?
    - We can administer Oral and Non-Oral Medications for an additional fee. We are unable to accomodate pets who require shots such as insulin.
  • What training does Country Comfort Kennels provide to their staff?
    - All staff must complete our Pet Care Technician Course. Many of our experienced staff have undergone Dog Behavior Training and dog CPR training that is outside the general scope of the Pet Care Technician Course.
  • How will my pet's health be monitored while at Country Comfort Kennels?
    - We monitor and record each dogs daily intake of food and water, whether urinating and defecating normally, and overall health and appearance. Our staff is trained to recognize first signs of illness or distress.
  • What if my pet needs vet care while boarding?
    Country Comfort Kennels will attempt to make contact with your pet's vet and reach out to you or the provided emergency contact if we feel your pet is in need of veterinarian care. You may choose to have a personal agent pick your pet up and take it to a vet of your choosing or have CCK transport your pet to one of our local vets for a fee of $50 per hour, 1hr minimum. If CCK transports your pet to the vet, you will be billed for the veterinarian services along with any other incurred charges related to the medical incident such as medicine, transportation fees, e-collar, etc...

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