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Most kennels & vets are equipped to confine, feed, and water dogs and cats. Neighbors or pet sitters can take care of your pet’s physical needs by stopping in. While these physical needs are important, what about his/her emotional needs? Dogs can become extremely bored and stressed when suddenly left alone for days or weeks. They need interaction and companionship, especially at this time.


From Group Play, to one-on-one Leisure Activities, to brief Frequent Breaks, or an Extra Mid-Day Exercise, we offer a variety of activities to accommodate different energy levels, lifestyles, and budgets.


We work with all pets according to their individual personalities and physical conditions. Much like children view their school and teachers, dogs accept us as their home away from home.  In just a day or so most dogs know our routine and enjoy participating.

Group Play Activities - $13



As humans, we can teach our dogs relationship skills and how to appropriately interact with other humans, but who teaches them how to interact with other dogs? Of course, the answer is other dogs.


The Group Play Activity is a fun time for your pet to be part of the pack with other pre-screened and approved dogs. It provides socialization skills that dogs need to be a better behaved and well-rounded friend.


For $13 per session, Group Play can last up to an hour or longer depending on the participation and energy levels of the pets.

Your pet will qualify for a free bath when receiving at least one Leisure Camp Activity each day they board for four or more paid days!


For the safety of all dogs in Group Play, only dogs who have passed a strict temperament screening and interviewing process will be allowed to participate.


Leisure Camp Activities - $13



Leisure Camp Activities are designed to keep your pet entertained and safe in your absence. These activities are designed to reduce his/her stress, and keep your pet happy and content. These Camp Activities are personal one-on-one activities with an experienced camp counselor. All of our Leisure Camp Activities last for about 15 minutes. 

Choose as many of the following Leisure Activity options as you wish for $13 each activity, each pet.


  • Nature Walk - Whether it's frolicking in the meadows, watching ducks, soaking in the fresh country air, or just enjoying a stroll through the wooded nature trails, your dog will love their fun walks on long leashes exploring and sniffing our Camp's spacious grounds. 




  • Personal Play Time - Not really a leash walk kind of dog? No problem. Some dogs would rather enjoy playing fetch or tug of war in our large fenced in Play Grounds instead of tugging at the end of a leash.




  • TLC Time - Some dogs don't want to do anything besides getting some good old fashioned puppy loving and attention.  After taking your pet to the grass to relieve themselves, your pet's counselor will spend this time with them in a quiet comfortable area away from the other pets, petting them until their heart's content (if that's even possible.)




  • Sit & Brush - A simple brushing to maintain your pet's lavish coat.

  • Splash Time - If your dog likes to get wet, they will love Country Comfort Kennels. Whether it's swimming in our large pond at the Jarrettsville location, or wading and splashing in any of our location's streams, your dog will have fun staying cool and relaxed during their vacation.


Your pet will qualify for a free bath when receiving at least one Leisure Camp Activity each day they board for four or more paid days!

A black Newfoundland and Golden Retrieve

Frequent Break Package - $15



Since some dogs won't go on concrete or just have trouble holding it for a period of time. County Comfort Kennels offers a Frequent Break Package for an additional $15 a day. The Package includes 3 additional brief potty breaks out to the grass on a leash, giving your pet additional opportunities to relieve themselves throughout the day at a more affordable price. It's also great for older dogs who tend to get stiff if not frequently exercised.

Mid-Day Exercise Break - $5



For only an additional $5, your pet can receive an Extra Mid-Day Exercise out to their very own personal exercise yard. Unlike Leisure Camp Activities, your pet is not accompanied by a Camp Counselor.


Exercise Breaks do not qualify your pet for a free bath.


Other Info


  • Group Play Activities are weather and participation-dependent. Sessions may be canceled at any time. If a Group Play session is canceled, Group Play Activities will be substituted with a Leisure Camp Activity at no additional charge.

  • All Camp Activities may be switched or canceled for any reason at any time.

  • All Camp Activities are conducted during the day, every day except on the 4 major holidays when the facilities are closed to the public.

  • CCK is Licensed and fully insured.

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