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Doggie Daycare


Is your dog bored while you're away for the day? Doggie Daycare is a great opportunity to socialize and exercise your pet when you are unable to.  With our large boarding accommodations and campgrounds, Country Comfort Kennels can accommodate all dog sizes and provide services for all temperaments throughout the day including social group play or tailored one-on-one leisure activities.  Accommodation upgrades can be purchased when available.

Since activities are included with your Daycare Package, your pets can participate in any of the various Camp Activities offered to our boarding clients including Swimming, Group Play (once evaluated and approved), Leisure Nature Walks, off-leash play in our Play Yard, and/or a quiet individual TLC Time. Additional activities can also be purchased.


Visit our Camp Activities page for more details on the activities offered. 


Because we know your time is precious before and after work, Country Comfort Kennels offers you Daycare Packages for a convenient, speedy check-in and check-out process. Full Day passes are available in 1 Day, 5 Day, 10 Day, and 20 Day packages for extra savings. Half Day packages are also available.

Standard Amenities


  • All accommodations are heated / air conditioned and include the following:

    • Daily room service

      • Fresh soft bedding

      • Fresh Water

      • Serving Meals

      • Treats

      • Toys

    • Outdoor potty visits

    • Pleasant & Relaxing Music

    • Lots of love and attention!

  • All facilities have emergency back up generators

Other Info


  • Charges begin at the time of your pet's arrival.

  • Any dogs staying less than 6 hrs will be charged for a Half Day of daycare

  • A Full Day of Daycare is charged for dogs staying longer than 6 hrs but no more than 11 hrs at the facility.

  • Dogs who stay longer than 11 hrs are considered to be boarding. Boarding fees will be applied and activities received will be charged for as well according to the Boarding rates and policies.

  • Daycare passes can only be used for Daycare and cannot be used for boarding charges. 

  • Not all types of accommodations are available at all locations.

  • Owner-provided meals are served at no extra charge. Meals can be provided from our pantry for $0.50 ea.

  • We can administer medications for an additional fee. Please see our Medication Policy.

  • Licensed and fully insured.

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