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Country Comfort Kennels is a premium dog kennel and cat kennel because of these people.  They individually and collectively have many years of pet kennel experience and training.  They look forward each day to making sure your dog or cat is loved, cared for, and energized.  It is their passion.  



Mary Hannigan - Administrator -1-877-214-7387    Fax (717) 456-1782      



  Pat Weiskopf - Owner / Founder - of Country Comfort Kennels, began her career with dogs at the age of 16.  Always passionate about animals, especially dogs, she became one of the first professional all breed dog groomers in Maryland.  She managed her first salon in 1970 and continued grooming through 1992 Upon opening CCK in 1983 she became an active member of the American Boarding Kennel Association and later the Pet Care Services Association, adopting their Certified Pet Care Technician Training for all of her staff.  She helped to pioneer the modern pet resort by defying the norms for the industry and safely freeing dogs from their confinement.  She introduced nature walks, off leash play, swimming and daycare playgroups for her guests’ health, amusement and friendship.



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